0 BP - Roadside Wanderer - Starting class.
500 BP - Novice Adventurer - Unlocks 'Elk'.
1500 BP - Eager Junior Bracer - Unlocks 'Mishera' and the stage 'Ice Wall of Noltia'.
3000 BP - Spirited Enforcer - Unlocks 'Renne'.
6000 BP - Competent Thousand Dragon Chief - Unlocks 'Cruxie' and the stage 'Haken Gate'.
10500 BP - Star Bracer - Unlocks 'Chester'.
16500 BP - Uncommon Adventurer - Unlocks 'Loewe' and the stage 'Serpentina'.
25500 BP - Dragon Slayer - Unlocks 'Lloyd'.
50000 BP - The Legend of Hero - Everything in Mona's shop is half price.

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